It starts with embracing your authentic strengths.

Enter into negotiations with an optimistic expectation rather than a goal. A goal is a more abstract ambition, while an expectation is something that we think we can reasonably accomplish.

Appealing to norms helps win negotiations. Once you identify the norms at play, you’ve got a proven and effective tactic at your disposal.

Fair, reciprocal relationships are conducive to negotiating. Remember generosity often begets generosity, and a good relationship can be valuable to both parties long into the future. Make a move — and then wait until the other party reciprocates before you move again.

You need to know what motivates the other side in a negotiation. Offer something valued by the other side.

Leverage is critical to negotiation. It is about all of the particular advantages you have over the other side. For example: arrange for the other side to lose face if there’s no final deal between you. Or call on a third party to adjudicate or witness the negotiation.

A little objectivity and one small step can get you out of an impasse. First, pause for a moment and step outside yourself. Without becoming inexpressive, check your emotions. Are they appropriate in a professional context? Next, examine your perceptions. You need to understand that the other side’s behavior has nothing to do with their innermost character; it’s contingent on the negotiation.

There are three different schools of bargaining ethics:

  1. Poker School would see no problem with lying to extract the best price for the old globe. In fact, deception is to be admired in this school, as long as it’s effective.That allows for a lot of ethical gray area

Try using a prop during negotiations. To get things off to a good start, you could place an object on the table that signifies your commitment to — and understanding of — the other side. Perhaps that’s a cuddly toy that mirrors the company logo, or a food offering that is also a clever pun on their name. This will preemptively defuse any negotiation that promises to be a tense affair.



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Yu Siong Ho

Neuroscientist and a psychology tutor — Creating content exploring Mental Toughness: The Secrets of The World Class Habits :)