How Elon Musk used 1 year to complete 8 years of workloads

Time boxing

Set a timing for each task, 5 minutes as a single unit and in one day, you have 288 units.

Determine how many units it will take to complete a task, after done, even though you finished faster than expected, move on to the next task. No strict order, prioritise important task.

Keep yourself motivated

Set tight deadline, this is the only thing motivates you to move faster.

Avoid engaging with people directly

Prefer indirect communication, email or voicemail, you can choose when to response. Waste no time in meaningless communication and meeting.

Stay focus

Do one task at a time, no multitasking. When your brain is focus, your productivity is higher.

Seize every moment in life

Elon seizes every moment to work, even during meal/beak time.

80/20 rule

Cause and effect, investment and gain, effort and reward are all bound to 80/20 rule. It is a big gap. Focus on how 20% of work can bring you 80% of results.

Spend time only on important things

Elon works with staff on product design and improvement, directly involves himself in detecting issues and solving problems. Waste no time on those things that bring no improvement.



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Yu Siong Ho

Yu Siong Ho

Neuroscientist and a psychology tutor — Creating content exploring Mental Toughness: The Secrets of The World Class Habits :)